Gabby Douglas’ mom filed for Chapter 13, reorganized debts

Sometimes it takes a fresh start to get ahead. Since Gabby Douglas won a gold medal in the Olympics for women’s gymnastics, her mother has also made headlines, both for her sacrifice and the support she provided her daughter, but also because she filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy earlier this year. She believes that filing bankruptcy allowed her to be able to live and reorganize debt so she could still repay what she owed. When talking about bankruptcy, she is not ashamed and was glad that there was a legal way to protect her home from foreclosure. One reason that debtors in New York hesitate to file bankruptcy is because of a certain stigma or the social pressure to continue to keep paying off debts. In reality, many of these debts will never get paid. For those who suffer from unmanageable debt, usually the hole gets deeper before there is any relief. Bankruptcy provides an opportunity to get a fresh start, but also to pave the way for future financial stability. Natalie Hawkins, Gabby’s mother, filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, allowing her to pay down her debt over several years. The bankruptcy filings list Ms. Hawkins as having assets totaling $163,706, including a townhouse… Continue reading

Big jump in foreclosure filings for the New York area

Among the country’s 20 largest metropolitan areas, the New York area saw the biggest increase in foreclosure filings during the third quarter of this year. According to data provider RealtyTrac Inc., the region saw a 69 percent increase in default, repossession and auction filings, counter to the national trend. While more than three-fifths of U.S. metropolitan areas saw filings decrease from the same period last year, New York filings increased as lenders began working through a backlog of pending foreclosures. New York has the nation’s longest foreclosure process. Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be an option for New York area homeowners who are facing foreclosure. Chapter 13 bankruptcy, also called a wage-earner’s plan, allows individuals who have a regular source of income to develop a debt repayment plan to pay creditors in installments over three to five years. The length of the plan depends in part on the debtor’s current monthly income. Individuals who file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy may also be able to stop foreclosure actions and cure delinquent payments over time as long as they make timely mortgage payments during the Chapter 13 repayment plan period. If you are facing foreclosure of your home, it would be… Continue reading

Housing recovery likely delayed due to Sandy

The housing market may take even longer than expected to recover in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. While foreclosure filings across the United States were down 19 percent in October from the same period last year, October saw an increase from September in both foreclosure starts and overall foreclosure filings, according to data from RealtyTrac, a market research company. New York, New Jersey and Connecticut saw the biggest increases in foreclosure filings for the month of October. The New York area already has one of longest foreclosure processes in the nation, with foreclosures taking longer on average to complete than other areas of the nation. This likely will get worse as a result of moratoriums on foreclosures that have been put into place following Hurricane Sandy. One option for New York-area homeowners who face long foreclosure processes may be filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows homeowners avoid foreclosure on their homes and obtain a fresh financial start. Under Chapter 13, the homeowner establishes a court-supervised repayment plan that provides for monthly payments to creditors over a period of three to five years, depending on the homeowner’s monthly income. The Chapter 13 repayment plan allows the homeowner to… Continue reading

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